Foam Coffee Bar

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Foam Coffee Special

Foam coffee bar uses some of the finest coffee beans from around the world. Our coffee’s rich taste and pleasing aroma will leave your taste buds tingling and is a must grab for a busy day ahead.

We don’t only offer coffee, keep your tummy filled with our all-day menu.

Foam Coffee Bar

Popular Picks

Toast with Preserves

Toast with Preserves

Sourdough bread, raisin free loaf, or a gluten-free bread served with a side of your choice.
Healthy Breakfast Table


A healthier option of oats served with bananas, mixed berries, yoghurt, and honey.
Oxford Omellete

Oxford Omellete

Soft fluffy omellete with your choice of filling (bacon, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, onion, and cream cheese).


Fluffy pancakes served with mascarpone cheese, mixed berries, and maple syrup.
Chicken wrap or Burger

Chicken Wrap or Burger

A tender juicy chicken fillet served with baby spinach, tomato, mayo, onion, and chips.
Foam Salad

Foam Salad

Fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, onions, olives, and filled chicken tossed with balsamic dressing.

Our Special Coffee


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Grey Waves

Sweet Somethings

Grey Waves

Shakes & Smoothies

Grey Waves


Grey Waves

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Best Coffee Shop In Perth

Join Us on Our Caffeinated Journey

Foam Coffee Bar is a celebration of the sweet life and best coffee in Perth. Founded 10 years ago, our Coffee shop nurture and cherish community culture with focus on excellent quality coffee. Perth has a rich coffee culture. With a collection of coffee shops and Leederville bars, Foam coffee bar is known for quality coffee, with a unique flavour and aroma.

Since launching Leederville Cafes, we have invested heavily in our produce, people and our community. We embrace the Australian coffee culture and decided to create our own coffee Perth. Our central goal as a Leederville Cafes is to bring sentiment and rich connection to Australian coffee culture.

Coffee Perth has always been a passion project for us and we take our coffee very seriously in our cosy little coffee shop. Our specialty coffee, well-chosen wines and classic cocktails with our signature spin is the best in Leederville bars Perth.

Our coffee shop is a perfect laid-back social space, offering Freshly brewed coffee Perth, paired with our scrumptious and delectable tasty treats to hearten your day.

Our voyage from the freshly imported beans to the best coffee in Perth has left its mark our clients. We offer delicious seasonally-inspired food paired perfectly with our unique coffee blends. Our specialty beans are simmered steadily in a roaster to create smooth, delectable and luscious coffee brews that resonate with the taste-buds.

We’re the perfect blend for you and we’re meant to bean together!

COFFEE BLEND- Let’s Talk Coffee

Allow Us to Help You Experience the Ideal Blend

We have chosen Dark Horse by Five Senses as our house-blend. The specialty coffee is responsibly and sustainably sourced by our producer and roasted with incredible technique, to create a premium blend for our coffee shop.

We are committed to green coffee supply chain and aim to contribute to responsible and ethical coffee sourcing in our Leederville cafes. We are proudly local coffee Perth brand and buy our coffee beans from local roasters. Locally roasted coffee is the absolute freshest coffee possible.

Coffee Perth maintains its peak flavour and its freshest aroma between 3 days to 2 weeks after its roasted. Buying coffee from local roaster will guarantee freshness, better quality and a unique signature flavour, that you cannot experience from the supermarket bought packaged coffee.

Therefore, our coffee shop focus on high grade, seasonal, single origin coffee, roasted in small batches with our own signature flavour and aroma. This exceptional specialty coffee with its delicate and unique flavour is experienced in our every cup of Joe and we focus on delivering a consistent high-quality brew.


Foam Coffee Bar Says Bon Appétit, Stay Caffeinated with Us

Planning a brunch with friends or a romantic date, unwind and indulge in our mouth-watering daily specials and gorgeous, appetising pastries and cakes. Treat your coffee cravings, and also enjoy our eclectic selection of wines and signature cocktails with quality food and drinks.

Our coffee shop menu has all ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. Fresh produce is delivered to our Leederville bars early in the morning every day. Our silky coffee blends and brews will balance your mood and taste.


Delivery has made a huge difference for many of our coffee shop regulars. Now you can get a Leederville cafes breakfast from the comforts of your own home and not miss on your morning caffein dose. With delivery service, we still deliver you the finest coffee experience.

We are affiliated with some of the valued delivery services in Perth, Western Australia. Our aim is to deliver fresh food and hot coffee beverage from our coffee shop to your doorstep in just 30 mins, through Door Dash and Menu Log. For ordering a perfect cup of coffee along with comfort food, call us right away.

Our Customer Promise

Our Leederville bars is known for unparalleled commitment to maintaining exceptional produce, quality ingredients and a friendly service. We are a in nurturing and connecting with the community. Our customer service promises a wholesome coffee experience. To nurture the trust and connection with our customer we use fresh produce, and quality ingredients which are all locally sourced.

Coffee is a lifestyle for us, not just a mere product. We sell the coffee experience; therefore, we believe in a quality service that meets your expectations. For the Best Coffee in Perth, visit us to feel the coffee effect.


Our vibrant, diverse coffee shop with indoor and outdoor sitting space, displays artistic expression, located in the heart of Oxford Street, Leederville. Our coffee shop ambience kindles social culture by creating a place where people meet, cultivate relationships, and sparking creativity. A cosy coffee shop for you to unwind and relax from the daily hustle and bustle. Our sofas feature cushions and outdoor bolster pillows by PillowSleepers, so that everyone could feel at home. Besides, our caffee and bar area features numerous gold pendant lights for even more relaxed and luxury atmosphere.


We are a cafe with WIFI near me. To make it a special time for you here and also stay connected to everyone. Leederville cafes with free WIFI is a nice opportunity for you not to get bored, to be online and share your day with your online friends.


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